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Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches: A Contemporary Ecclesiology

Copyright Bloxham Baptist Church. Registered Charity no. Due to persecution in their home country it was illegal for them to be outside of the Church of England , the congregation of John Smyth and Thomas Helwys fled to Amsterdam in They formed their own church which, even though they had not yet returned home, is often considered the first English Baptist church.

This belief in believer-only baptism or credobaptism was and remains a primary distinctive of all Baptists. After starting another congregation in the Netherlands, Hellwys returned to England in and went on to establish a Baptist church near London.

By there were several other Baptist congregations in England, and five of them joined together to form what would be the earliest association of Baptist churches. As such, General Baptists hold to a theological position known as Arminianism.

About Earl M. Blackburn

General Baptist churches continued to grow in number, experienced periods of decline and persecution for their beliefs, and eventually made their way across the Atlantic to establish a presence in the colonies that would eventually become the United States. Today, there are Baptist churches around the world that would fit within the category of General Baptists although this is not an all-encompassing denomination or association.

At roughly the same time that the General Baptists were forming, Particular Baptist congregations also came about. They did not break away from General Baptists, but instead formed simultaneously and independently. This view is often called Limited or Definite Atonement.

Salem – Salem Baptist Church

Particular Baptist churches can trace their origins to John Spilsbury, who started a church in London in Because of the uncertainty of dating, scholars differ as to whether the first Baptist Church in America was founded by John Clark or Roger Williams. Either way, Particular Baptist congregations soon began to flourish in America.

In a survey it was estimated that there were 1, Baptist churches in America. Out of those, were Calvinist or Particular Baptist congregations. Even so, growth and cultural influence is not the whole story of the Particular Baptist church.

W. Robert Godfrey: A Survey of Church History, Part 4

Not unlike their General Baptist counterparts, Particular Baptists have experienced periods of growth, persecution, theological missteps, and decline. The excesses of revivalism, the influence of hyper-Calvinists , and theological liberalism all have posed challenges to the Baptist movement.

Despite these challenges, God has been gracious in preserving the ministry of the Baptist church. Spurgeon, and many others.

Reformed Baptist churches continue to thrive today around the world. What is a Reformed Baptist?