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Were the signs of what was to come always there? A Revenant dies, its human soul ripped from its body.

A missing human soul slowly becomes a Walking Shadow. A heart broken Wraith considers vengeance. And an Ethereal Dominion drinks blood. An old lover from Edward's past returns just as he assures Brenda there are no more surprises. Cecelia asks for Edward's help in saving her new ghoul lover. But the only way to save him is for Edward to drive a stake into Cecelia's heart. Waiting j The dream of immortality crosses all religions, casts, races and governments.

Yet, no one really thinks deep about its ramifications or the devastating consequences such an achievement brings with it. What if living forever no longer became a dream, b He sees her in fragmented images Unfortunately, when she shows up at the house out of body, her astral form is recorded by the local Once the movers arrive, Sasha's life will change forever, and she and her sister will separate. Sasha believes if her mother would forgive their dad, everything could go back to the way it was. But forgiveness isn't that simple Pandora Jump was accustomed to a very normal life.

She went to work. She went home. She went to sleep.

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A long haul from the life she once had as a linguist for the CIA. Enter Zeke—tall, dark, handsome, carrying a gun and a million dollar cross. Five years ago the dread magician Fenrir attacked the King's Magician, Stolgard, and stole the years of his youth from him. Now Fenrir returns to the palace and places the prince into a deep sleep no magic can wake him from. Josselyn goes in search o It's an age old question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. And yet when asked by the mysterious evil aliens accused of abducting humans from their homes for centuries, the answer takes on a whole new meaning.

Why did the chicken cross Sometimes we deceive others to take from them. Other times we take so that we can deceive. A traveling man is accused of stealing the King's Ring and murdering the Ring's Guard. The Guard's daughter arrives to arrest the accused and avenge her father A sassy, upward moving female professional is attacked in a local park—only to be saved by a magical creature still looking for a purpose in life. In , John Long was asked to help one of Hollywood's biggest art directors create an award that would be the ultimate in achievement for any artist in the industry.

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Centuries before in , the great Musketeer d'Artagnan was killed in the siege o Beyond The Door is a bridge piece between Revenant and Geist. Nicolette is older than even she can remember, and has never made a childe of her blood.

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This makes her desirable to other vampires who wish her power. She catches the eye of one such disreputable Constable and pays the price for thinking herself imm She thought he was dead. He believed she was a dream. Together they uncover a shocking truth. The upper-halves of six unidentified bodies show up in Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their lower counterparts appear in a warehouse on the south side. Character stories don't always begin and end with the opening of a book and its closing. From her first experience with S.


In an attempt to gain power over the borders between the Outer and Inner planes, Adiran Martinique locked his daughter inside the Abysmal Throne with the intention of using her as his puppet. Meet Jason Lawrence—former pianist, successful entrepreneur, and Revenant. Not necessarily in that order. And then meet Mephistopheles—comes from a large family of Abysmal Symbionts known as First Born, and bonded to Jason, body and soul.

She is a Vampire. He is an Elf. His blood can give her the daylight again; but it can also restore power to an ancient race known as The Fallen, bent on destroying both Vampire and Elf.

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There is a forbidden curse that could destroy the Fallen, and sa In order to remove a yr old werewolf curse from her cousin's family, the Warwicks, Brenda has to know what the original curse said, word for word. But no one remembers it, nor do they know who placed it on the family or why. Brenda learns a bit Siobhan O'Donnell's quiet life is disrupted when a dead body drained of blood is left inside her Mirror shop. Aided by Oberon's estranged brother, Abyssinia She's more worried about Detective Daniel Frasier and whether he'll wake from Unable to light even a simple candle, Brenda's lack of magic threatens the magic shop her Granny Pollsocks left her.

The power is off, the heat is out, and the shop's magical spirits turn their back. The bank is days away from taking everything from Mike Ross doesn't want to lose his daughter—but his soon-to-be ex-wife might get a job in Virginia, and he knows she'll take Brendi away from him if she gets custody. So—when the ugliest doll in the new-age crystal shop he owns, makes Mike a prop Andrea is a lonely thirty-something carrying on a safe, online friendship with a guy in New Zealand.

Until he asks her one night if she's ever had cybersex. This questions mollifies Andrea, and propels her to ask her gay best friend, a sex-columnist, First she developed the ability to travel outside her body at will-where she encountered some seriously weird things. Things that left her with powers that she didn't really want or need. Without cause or warning. And at the worst possible time. Now, unless she can figure out ho The Enterprise is assigned to ferry demolition experts from Deep Space 9 to Starbase , but just as they arrive.

Admiral Leyton declares martial law on Earth and the Federation is put in a state of emergency.


On the starbase, Admiral Hahn has gone First in an excitingly different and new paranormal series. When she's traveling, she can't be seen which makes her an ideal professional snoop.

Industrial espionage, surveillance, whateve For a century, the Cloud City of Stratos that hovers over Ardana has been abandoned, left only as a curiosity and a museum piece following the brutal civil war between the City Dwellers and the Troglytes. Now the city is starting to fall, and it's up While Commander Gomez and her crack team of engineers work to help keep the planet from falling into chaos, the ship's linguist, Bar We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Book List: 92 titles. A Zoe Martinique Investigation - 4.

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A Zoe Martinique Investigation - 3. A Zoe Martinique Investigation - 2. A Zoe Martinique Investigation - 1. Author Info. Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! I was involved in a lot of book projects, all of which are now complete, and in the case of those due out next month, all uploaded to the printers and ready to go.

Immanion Press is holding a launch event on December 7 th in Stafford UK to celebrate the publication of six titles. All three books will have cover art by John Kaiine. The full line up for these anthologies can be found on our web site www. I have a few short stories to write for various anthologies, but hope to begin work on a novel in the New Year. I really want to finish two books I started, and they are very different. The first is a story I began around 15 years ago, concerning an author whose characters begin to leak into reality, and who discovers that some of her fans have set up a sinister cult inspired by her work.

In the original, she had to resort to solving the mystery of the story by driving round the country, interviewing people who would talk to her and resorting to the use of phone books to find them. Nowadays, most of what she uncovers would take only a short Google search. Reblogged this on firefly You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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