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Outline of the Law of Property 1v. London: W. Maxwell, 2nd ed. Principles of Equity 1v. Williams, Joshua; Williams, T. Cyprian Proportional Representation 1v. New York: Macmillan Co. Question of English Divorce 1v. Sweet, 6th ed. Right of Personal Liberty: Speech of Hon. Sweet, 2nd ed. Macqueen, John Fraser; et al. Rights and Liabilities of Husband and Wife 1v. London: Geo. Barber, 2nd ed. Treatise on Contracts within the Jurisdiction of Courts of Equity 1v.

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Prosperity Issue in the Election 1v. Readings on Money 1v. Pierce, 3rd ed. Road to Statism 1v. Taxation of Motor Vehicle Transportation 1v. Transition Improvement Act of 1v. Printing Office, back to top U. Stephen; et al. Application of Religious Law in U. Stephen October 28, R Redhead, C. Lynne; et al. Biofuels Provisions in H.

Cambodia: Background and U. Relations June 14, Fergusson, Ian F. Carl D. Climate Change: Comparison and Analysis of S. Costa Rica: Background and U. June 1, RL Towell, Pat; et al. August 10, RL Towell, Pat; et al. Economic and Fiscal Conditions in the U.

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Election Reform Bills in the U. Energy Provisions in the Farm Bill P. January 31, RL Johnson, Renee; et al. September 10, R Shields, Dennis A. September 16, R Buck, Eugene H. Foreign Support of the U. June 2, RL Hornbeck, J. Hardrock Mining, the Law, and the U. Economy July 1, Gelb, Bernard A.

May 14, RL Perl, Libby; et al. November 7, RL Bruno, Andorra; et al. Kosovo's Future Status and U. January 25, RL Tilson, Sibyl; et al. February 6, RL Chaikind, Hinda; et al. New Era Dawns in U. North Korea: Legislative Basis for U. North Korea: U. December 30, R Leggett, Jane A. Overview of U. When Wally Funk was 8 years old, she jumped off the roof of her barn while wearing a Superman cape, hoping to fly.

That desire never left her, and as an adult she became a pilot and flight instructor.

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But for Wally, the ultimate destination was always outer space. She almost got the chance to go in That year, she was part of a group of female pilots who took part in tests to determine if women were fit for space travel. The project was run by the same doctor who developed tests for NASA astronauts. The women, who became known as the Mercury 13, passed many of the same tests as the men, but never got to go to space. She was interviewed in Dallas by one of her flight students, Mary Holsenbeck.

Brian Peterson, 31, is an artist — he designs cars for a living — who lives in Santa Ana, California. For several months, Brian passed Matt on his way to and from work. Then, one day, Brian decided to introduce himself. The friendship they would go on to develop would have a surprising influence on them both. After befriending Matt, Brian started a non-profit called Faces of Santa Ana, for which he paints portraits of people in the homeless community and donates the proceeds from the sales of his work to his subjects. Matt Faris finished recording his album, Polar Scale, in It will be available on December 4, This is a story of two women brought together by an unintended consequence of the opioid epidemic.

As of late , as the number of deaths skyrocketed, about one out of every 10 organ donors had died of an overdose. When year-old Adam Shay overdosed on heroin in , his pancreas and kidney were donated to a stranger, Karen Goodwin, who was a recovering addict herself. At the time of her transplant, she had been sober for 13 years.

They sat down for this conversation at StoryCorps in Beachwood, Ohio. Joanna Wright and her friend Tara Cummings talk about surviving years of abuse at a religious reform school in Louisiana. When Dr. Lora Koenig and Dr. Zoe Courville met in the middle of the Greenland ice sheet while doing climate research, their friendship helped them navigate the challenges of their work and life. Allan Fuks talks with former classmate Spencer Katzman about what it was like growing up with a name that looked like the mother of all curse words. Greg Yance and Neoma Farr worked alongside each other during the Great Flood of , to gird the town of Niota, Illinois from the rising waters of the Mississippi River.

Best friends, Sue McConnell and Kristyn Weed, talk about their military service and their experience as transgender women. In , Heather Heyer was killed while protesting against a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her supervisor from the law office she worked in, Alfred Wilson, sat down with her mother, Susan Bro, to remember her. She could communicate with anyone.

Do you see what happened on the TV? And then everything was so quiet like somebody had shut the volume control off on the world. In May, I was going to have two kids graduating at the same time, and all I could think was I wanted her to be there. Every so often a wave will wash over. And so I allow myself to cry and be really sad while that wave is there. John Torres Jr. They remember the loss that eventually brought them together.

Skip to main content. Home Pieces Series Playlists. Hide notes View notes. Track Buffer Seek Playhead. Previous Play Pause Next. Mute Unmute Volume selector Volume level indicator. Since the s, Dreamer, a veteran himself, has been giving free haircuts to vets. At StoryCorps, the pair sat down to speak about their friendship. They fell in love in high school, got married, and began to grow apart. At StoryCorps, they remembered how their divorce deepened their relationship. His father is killed, but Uncas is saved by Hawkeye. Magua leads Heyward and the girls; they rest for the night; Hawkeye catches Heyward off guard; tell the truth about Magua.

Next day they set off; Hawkeye scouting ahead; party is captured again; Hawkeye saves party. Raft takes them to cave; Hawkeye and Uncas go for help; party is captured; Uncas asks Tamenund for help; they capture Magua and prisoners; Magua slips away and they get to the fort.

Washington wants to surrender and fight another day and Munro agrees. The women leave and are captured. Uncas and Hawkeye are captured; all are to be burned at the stake. Tamenund arrives; Magua and Uncas fight high on a cliff; Magua fall to his death. Montcalm's troops save them. Tamenund admonishes Uncas and Hawkeye to work for peace between peoples. Screenplay by M. Munro, Patrice Chereau as Gen. Beams, Colm Meaney as Maj. Ambrose, Mac Andrews as Gen. Curtis Gaston as 1st Soldier, Eric A. An ambush leaves the trio unprotected and Hawkeye, his adopted father and brother lead them to the Fort.

Hawkeye and Maj. Heyward love Cora, and Uncas loves Alice. After the fall of the Fort and the massacre comes the chase and capture. At the Indian encampment, Heyward offers his life for the girls [preempting Hawkeye's offer], and Magua leaves with Alice. Hawkeye shoots the screaming Heyward as he is being burned to death.

There is an action packed finale on a majestic ridge where Alice commits suicide rather than be with Magua; Uncas tries to avenge her death, but is killed by Magua; and Chingachgook revenges his son by killing Magua. James Fenimore Cooper did not predict that his book would become a classic, but time has proven its endurance. Michael Mann's expressed great confidence in his film when he commented, "It's going to be a classic. To date reviews of the film have not yet bestowed classic status upon the forty million dollar plus movie version.

The largest movie set ever built east of the Mississippi was the six million dollar reconstruction of Fort William Henry. On a bluff overlooking Lake James, between Marion and Morganton North Carolina, the , square foot fort was a virtual museum of frontier America. Medicine jars of the period, blackened cooking pots, and stacked muskets attested to the attention paid to historical accuracy.

Most of the props: handmade uniforms and shoes, birchbark canoes, and woven baskets were made by local craftspeople. Mann felt that Linville Gorge gave him the perfect backdrop for shooting scenes in the wilderness of 18th century New York. The rugged country challenged the construction crews. Moving heavy equipment and hundreds of cast members in the mountains only to be rained out or to have the director change his mind proved to be frustrating and costly.

The company closed out its 6 month filming in the mountains six weeks behind schedule due to heavy rains throughout the summer of By October the budget had exceeded forty million dollars. When the film was completed, the production company was required by law to restore the area. Mann fired his first cinematographer and the costume designer. The hair stylist quit. The film was plagued by nearly a dozen wildcat work stoppages: initially by American Indians Russell Means helped negotiate improved working conditions and exempts Mann from any blame for the problems and then by local extras.

The extras protested poor pay, and wanted better working and living conditions. Director Mann was quoted as saying that laying "dead" on the damp and rocky ground for hours without breaks for multiple retakes was normal on location shooting. Extras outside of Hollywood "don't know what to expect. Rather than paying union wages and benefits, local workers had to individually negotiate with the company. The company kept individual contracts secret, and no one knew [unless employees shared with each other] what anyone else was earning.

Housing, quality of meals, and transportation also varied with negotiation. Return to Table of Contents 1. Premiere, Vol. Ibid, Vol. Miami Vice in buckskin. Alleva, Richard. Ansen, David. Newsweek, "Mann in the Wilderness," Vol. Arnold, Gary. Times September 20, Mann says. I think it must have been similar to the way the original historical events had left an impression on Cooper, reconstructing them 75 years later. Madeleine Stowe admits, "There were days when you felt so lost amid or extras, with seven cameras planted all over the place to capture a vast scene.

Michael will not roll the cameras until he feels everything is totally right. He's far and away the most exacting director I've ever worked with Wes Studi and Russell Means Studi's Magua The 'bad' Indian has good reasons to be bad. Barker and Sabin, pp. Berger, Arion. Mohicans captures its historical moment -- the dissolution of Indian tribes that played by the settlers' rules and lost, and the stirrings of Revolutionary fervor and female emancipation.

Bernard, Jami. New York Post September 25, , p. But wait -- here comes the swelling score again, the theme music for the Daniel Day-Lewis, bare-chested yard dash! Blake, Richard A. Bonham, Kevin.

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Herald February 16, Those who win parts will have to take a three-week survival training course The actors have to be willing to cut their hair for the filming, possibly in the Mohawk style Stowe; as the daughter of a British officer she "falls in love with Hawkeye, though in the book she falls for Uncas, the noble Indian.

Britton, Bonnie. Tarzan in buckskins Cartright, Bob. Comer, Brooke. Denby, David. Mann sees everything visually -- as an effect. He loads these effect one atop the other as the movie grandly - but not, I would guess, commercially -- slips through his fingers. Dubner, S. New York, Vol. Ebert, Roger. Engel, Joel.

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David Webster, a wilderness survival trainer, gave the actors lessons in 18th century military techniques. But coming up with accurate Indian dialogue proved more difficult. The Hurons spoke Wyandot a now-defunct language. The Mohican language has also died out. In the Huron village, many extras spoke Onondaga. Wes Studi Magua spoke mostly Mohawk, "although he occasionally reverted to his native Cherokee. They were not some group of manservants. Fuller, Graham. Interview, 22,12 December , p. Gerosa, Melina. Gleiberman, Owen. There's a fight on the edge of a cliff that attains a spooky, almost hallucinatory quality… And Mann has created a great villain in Magua," "Hawkeye may be the hero … but by the end of the movie it's Magua's malevolent passion that burns brightest.

Ibid, October 16, , p. The music fuses the action, lending the entire sequence the heightened clarity of a dream. Gliatto, Tom. Hajari, Nisid, Entertainment Weekly, September 25, , p. Uncas was really the first of the Mohegans as he lead a rebellion against the Pequot leader Sassacus in the early 17th century. There were no Mohegan's chosen for the film. Mohegan Indians comment on film's accuracy] Harkness, John. Hettrick, Scott.

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Hoberman, J. Mann's lavish new adaptation is a work of blithe disregard. Hooper, Joseph. Horn, John. Howell, J. Elle, Vol. Hunter, Stephen. Hawkeye is thin and quick, almost unbearably graceful, a laconic instant American icon. He's like a calendar boy from the collective unconscious of the National Rifle Association. The real battle His Mann is a white man's view of the events and the Native Americans stay in the background.

The only native American to crack to life is the villainous Magua, brilliantly played by Wes Studi. You can't imagine how accurate the muskets are. Everyone is a dead shot. Great action and suspense scenes. Courage all over. Sacrifices too. Lotsa guts, some spilled. This is Hollywood at its best — and its worst. Lavish, sumptuous, glorious, breathtaking sights. Most confusing. Muddled narrative.

Lack of motivations. No characters developed. By all means go and admire Mother Nature in Johnson, Brian D. Johnson, Malcom. The Indians are all pretty much the same as in Cooper. Chingachgook, filled with subdued power Rated R, this film contains especially brutal hand-to-hand combat and a high body count. Jones, Bill. He built log cabins, planted 18th-century crops and constructed a 1- 20 scale model of Fort William Henry When the picture wrapped, the sets were razed and the area was reseeded.

King, Dennis. And he endured weeks of wilderness training with Army survival specialists in Alabama, learning to hunt, skin game and become adept at using 18th-century weaponry, from knives to tomahawks to muzzle-loaders.

Kronke, David. Lombardi, J. McGarrigle, Dale. They wanted tall, skinny Indians, with long hair. Little did we know that they were going to have our heads shaved The local residents treated all the cast like celebrities They waited on you hand and foot It would be cold in the mornings, and we're out there half naked, We'd do the same scene over and over, day after day Maybe 5 percent of what was shot made it into the movie.

The stars treated us like people and would talk to us if they weren't busy Mars-Jones, Adam, Independent. Magiera, Marcy. Maltin, p. Mann, Michael Kenneth, "Last of the Mohicans," screenplay, 2nd draft, July 31, , includes revised leaves dated November 29, and June 11, , adapted by Michael Mann and Christopher Crowe, based on the novel by James Fenimore Cooper and the screenplay by Philip Dunne, leaves. Maslin, Janet. B-2 NY ; p. C-3 London , 23 column inches. Michael Mann has directed a sultrier and more pointedly responsible version The film makers may have done a better job of making their own tomahawks and rebuilding Fort William Henry than breathing sense into their material, but the results are still riveting.

Day-Lewis is a romantic subplot that would have made Cooper blush H13 NY ; p. H London , 13 column inches. Day-Lewis brings serious chemistry to a role that seemingly had no romantic potential at all. Means, Russell. Entertainment Weekly, October 23, , p. Moore, Roger. It was at times a troubled production Russell Means The French had 30 different American Indian groups fighting with them. You had to show them as distinct tribes, different tattooing, different war paint Michael Mann did his homework here, Means said, and the reason I was involved So we hiked 22 miles up rocks, pulling on ropes to get there.

No bathrooms Moore, Shirley Hunter. That hasn't deterred visitors Officials at Chimney Rock Park have received so many phone calls, they've printed a guide explaining where park locations appear in the movie. Movshovitz, Howie. Just why they do these things remains unclear James Fenimore Cooper's novel, a tome of clogged writing style and pervasive racism that deserves whatever humiliation the movies heap upon it The principle that holds Cooper's book together is the logic of racism It is a vile logic, but it works as narrative glue.

The new film It's "Miami Vice" gone north to live in the woods. Muldoon, Paul. Daniel Day-Lewis launches himself at the role followed by an amazing shock of hair. Russell Means brings dignity and response to the role of Chingachgook while Eric Schweig gives us an Uncas fetching enough to stir a longing in the heart of Alice Munro a part which demands, and gets, scarcely anything from Jodhi May. When Magua, played with a definitive, grim grandeur by Wes Studi, is in the neighborhood the body count goes up. Nesselson, Lisa.

Newsweek, "Movies" September 14, , p. Novak, Ralph. A Guide Booklet to the Film's Locations.

Rafferty Terrence. Romney, Jonathan. Rosenberg, Scott. I don't think anyone will learn much about frontier life