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Becky puts together a table to raise money for the homeless with Jenna.

When Adam reveals to her that they already have the spot booked for Romeo and Jules tickets, Becky gets angry, remembering the play. Becky begins to hog the customers. When Adam tells her that they need to sell tickets, Becky tells him that starving children deserve the food they could get, but quickly reveals that she is working so hard as an attempt to get revenge on Eli. This prompts Adam to call Becky a hypocrite.

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Katie realizes she has a crush on Jake when they are both in the garden and their hands touch. Later in class, Katie and Marisol discuss about what Katie should do. She's convinced that Jake only likes her as a 'gardening buddy' so she pairs up for the school physics assignment with someone she know she wouldn't fall for, Dallas. The two work on kinetic energy, and decide to do so in the matter of Golf.

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They reveal their problems to eachother; Katie's recent misfortunes and bad decisions, and Dallas's low self esteem in sports. Katie reveals to Marisol that she is growing feelings for Dallas, and Marisol tells her that it is a bad decision.

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This episode is named after " Never Ever " by All Saints. Sam Earle has been removed from the opening.

Pakistan will never ever start war with India: Imran Khan

Declan Coyne is mentioned in this episode. This is the first appearance of Natalie Granger. In this episode Imogen's dog Volta is found dead under Mr. Moreno 's car.

In this episode Fiona meets both of Imogen's parents. In this episode Katie realizes she has a crush on Jake.

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First instance of fundraising for a charity other than Free the Children since at least This marks the first time that Becky is seen wearing pants. Email or call for more information about the band, or to book us for a performance.

Click Here to join our mailing list. Mithrandir, the group, played the main stage at the Oregon Country Fair many times and were mentioned in "Fruit of the 60's" a book about the early Fair. The twins, Kriss and Kathy were members of that group and have continued to play the fair yearly in different forms, both acoustic and electric. For Booking, please call or email musicnevereverband gmail.