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So to be there fully, to go into the zone means to be aligned with what is and not to struggle against it! Be with the people you love. This is especially true for parents or grandparents. You could listen as well as you hear. We can only waste ourselves. Being a go-giver means not to wait for a first sign or even things coming to you, but to make the first step by yourself. This will follow naturally. It also includes the secret to receiving, which is simply giving.

Seize The Day | Definition of Seize The Day by Merriam-Webster

If you want to get love, give love. If you want to get value money , give value. If you want to get trust, show trust and be trustworthy. It just hits the nail on the head. Stop thinking and wondering and holding you back, but just do it. Push yourself to do what you know is right, what you want and what benefits you and others. In other words replace fear with courage. There is nothing sadder than missed opportunities. And all it takes is a kick in the butt to seize the day. Often it is just necessary to ask.

Ask and you shall receive J So ask your future girlfriend or boyfriend for a date or just start a conversation.

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Ask for the job or promotion or what you can do for it. Take the initiative and bring something forward which is important to you. That is seizing the day. A little hack that works for me if there is fear and courage, I just totally focus on what I want in that moment and what would be right to do and then just do it. The worst that can happen is a learning experience to do it even better the next time. A dream is nothing else than an opportunity that has the potential to become true. So take your dream and plan ahead the the best you can: use goals and build your personal vision.

See it as clearly as possible now and take it seriously. And then live it now. Enjoy the process. The whole dream is a process but you will live every step fully in the present. The goal is the journey. That is important and it brings both worlds together: the dream and the now. What good is it to pretend something that is not you? When ultimately the whole journey is about being you? It is the Inside-Out approach to life, which means to live from the inside and join all the 9 points above there and then become able to give your unique gift to yourself and the world.

Be truthful and real to yourself and to others. Then you open the door to discover yourself and ultimately realize yourself as whole and part of the whole. I am very appreciated the sentence of the words to present and future life in every humenbeing to follow, the life will be bright. If that would be so, I would recommend to get more inspirations. Get different input. Try more things out. Connect and talk with people that could inspire you. Look for meaning in what you could do. Look for what you did when you were a child. Any advice? Well said Kaylee. Starting now gets us moving into the right direction, that alone is often the hardest part … The baby steps matter more than we might think.

Thanks for the post Myrko, I found many of the parts very inspiring, so inspiring that I copied some down to my iPhone for a daily reminder :. If you liked The Opus, which I really did. He is considered by many to be the Napoleon Hill of our day. This site needs to come out from behind the thousands of others — I shall be back again when I have told all my friends.

Thanks for mentioning. I have no doubt that it will not be long until it appears on everywhere you look. Including the Oprah Winfrey show. This film is being called by many as The Next step to The Secret. I think it is even more than that. It is a practical, inspiration, no-nonsense approach to creating an incredible life legacy and reaching your greatest personal success.

The film features many of the cast from The Secret returning. Most people settle for something less than what they really want. So now I get to be a part of it. Still just 32 years old, Lawler will have a remarkable story to tell his son one day, one filled with twists and turns and a comeback for the ages.

2. Always look toward the promise of tomorrow.

Once considered the future of MMA when he first debuted in the UFC in , Lawler was cut from the promotion in after losses in three of his previous four fights, and while he won big fights and made a good living outside the Octagon, few believed that he could make it to the top in the UFC when he returned in It was everything clicking at the right time and me being excited and seizing the moment.

Lawler knocked Koscheck out in the first round, kicking off a run where he has gone on to win four more bouts, with the only loss being the close defeat against Hendricks. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Carpe Diem Regained , please sign up. Would anyone recommend this book and tell me why? See 1 question about Carpe Diem Regained….

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Een eeuwenoude uitspraak herlevendigd in tatoeages en bumperstickers. Via verschillende slogans als "just buy it" onderzoekt Krznaric wat ons tegenhoudt.

Seizing the Moment

Een boek dat ik via de docureeks 'Dus ik ben Het hanteert een gelijkaardige stijl als de boeken van Jensen, dus geen wonder dat zij hem vond: boeken, films, muziek, youtubefilmpjes, etc genoeg om je in l Een eeuwenoude uitspraak herlevendigd in tatoeages en bumperstickers. Het hanteert een gelijkaardige stijl als de boeken van Jensen, dus geen wonder dat zij hem vond: boeken, films, muziek, youtubefilmpjes, etc genoeg om je in levende lijve onder te dompelen in het plukken van de dag.

En dan nu het echte werk: just do it. Dec 06, Richard Smith rated it really liked it. Jun 14, Els rated it really liked it. Wow, wat een fijn boek. Maar wat een fijne mens vooral moet Roman Krznaric zijn. De titel is een beetje muf, jaja, carpe diem, so what, seen there, been there. Zijn toon is bijzonder menselijk en licht, zeer pertinent en wijs, erg hedendaags. Ik hang aan die mens zijn lippen en mijn potlood is 5 cm korter geworden van het onderstrepen van menig quote en citaat. Het komt Wow, wat een fijn boek. Het komt altijd op hetzelfde neer, durf kiezen, durf kiezen voor avontuur en voor onzekerheid.

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Onze keuzes maken ons tot wie we zijn, tot ons authentieke zelf. En bij twijfel?

What’s the Problem?

Eerst doen, dan denken. Dit is een boek dat ik zeker nog eens herlees en graag aanbeveel.

Oct 01, Charlie rated it really liked it. A lovely book that feels like a long, careful coffee chat with a kind and well-read friend. Mar 01, Keen rated it really liked it. Who, or what, are the hijackers in question? Krznaric then goes deep back in time to the known, recorded origins of Carpe Diem! This is a dialled down idea of carpe diem. The more items you can tick off your list, the happier you will be, the bucket list phenomenon is a result of our hyper-individualistic YOLO culture that places value on fleeting novelty and hedonistic thrill-seeking above all else.

The name of it?