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For an executive summary of this report or to order it today please email: Sara Peerun at sara. Border Patrol. DeCaire noted in his request that there is no cost for the surplus military vehicle, as it will remain the property of the U. Department of Defense. He noted there would, however, be some cost associated with shipping the vehicle. If the department of public works deems the vehicle safe, police plan to use it during investigative work. If the vehicle is deemed unsafe, it will be turned over to the DPW for disposal at auction or other approved means.

That would be enough to buy only one new fully equipped police vehicle. The police chief noted that his department used to have a car replacement policy, with two new vehicles included in the budget each year to replace those in the fleet that had acquired high mileage and other maintenance problems from constant use.

City Chamberlain Deb Coad noted before the finalized budget that there were a few key items that had changed since she and former Mayor Randy Bateman had put the initial proposal together and she re-examined it to see if there was possible funding for an additional vehicle. Even though Crown Victorias would no longer be produced, DeCaire believed at the time that there should be enough of these police vehicles to supply his department through Other committee matters up for discussion will include the request to forward a zone change request at W.

Utica St. Committee meetings are held in the council chambers on the second floor of City Hall and begin at 7 p. The Series A investment is the first tranche of a larger investment by RR Donnelley and includes an exclusive marketing relationship between the two companies. CoffeeTable will be using the infusion of institutional capital to launch new personalization and engagement features and hire developers. For those unfamiliar, CoffeeTable is a free shopping app for the iPad that aggregates hundreds of retail catalogs to allow users to browse their products on the go, online or offline.

CoffeeTable gives shoppers the ability to make purchases from their iPad through secure in-app checkout, while in turn giving retailers a suite of benchmark data and catalog analytics tools that they can use to boost their multi-channel marketing efforts. As RR Donnelley is one of the largest printers of retail catalogs in the world, it can now leverage its existing relationship with retailers to help bring CoffeeTable access to a wide range of content from the companies whose products it aggregates, while, in turn, giving those major retailers an additional point of access into the tablet market.

Together, the two companies seem to be looking to establish an Amazon for retail catalogs, and with further development of analytics tools, retailers will be able to get a better sense of the mobile purchasing behavior of consumers — something many of them are lacking. A new blast defence mechanism could double vehicle protection against mine explosions without additional armour, according to its inventor. The technology, which has been taken to proof-of-concept stage, works by exploiting the short delay between a mine going off and the explosion hitting the underside of the vehicle, using this time to counteract the force of the mine.

Sloman said it could be further developed to provide specific forces to match each explosion. A liquid body armour is being developed by BAE Systems a global defence company that hardens on impact. The liquid is made up of "freely suspended" particles that "lock" together when disturbed. The benefits include its lightness, flexibility and a reduced injury risk compared to alternatives such as Kevlar.

Self-sculpting smart sand Researchers at the Distributed Robotics Laboratory of MIT are developing robotic cubes that will work like smart self-sculpting sand. In one experiment, one-centimetre-squared cubes contained a microprocessor cabable of storing 32 kilobytes with tiny magnets on the edges that could enable the formation of complex 3D shapes. Via BBC. Make your own robot Another MIT initiative may allow people with no specialised training to become robotics engineers thanks to the ubiquitous technology of 3D printing.

If a bespoke robot is required, any individual could download a blueprint, tweak it to suit their need and print a rudimentary robot that will be fully functional within 24 hours. MEPs in Strasbourg have questioned the European Commission EC about the security of biometric passports following reports of problems with the documents in a number of countries including France and the Netherlands.

Back in , the European Parliament EP identified weak points in the system including problems with the reliability of fingerprints taken from children and the elderly; error rates; lack of experience of the technologies being used; and the risk of fraud at various stages of document deployment. As a result, the EP asked the EC to commission studies into these areas, which are expected to conclude later this year.

As a result, MEPs invited EC representatives to a plenary session on 19 April to respond to their questions about the effectiveness of biometric passports. They have also asked if it will now consider re-evaluating the rules governing the issue of ePassports in the EU. The U. The electronic, or e-passport program, launched in and includes an integrated, secure chip and antenna incorporating numerous security features.

This is the same data that is visually displayed on the photo page of the e-Passport. No personal data is handled by GPO or its suppliers. Kirby, principal deputy assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs. The Ministry says that the e-passports are compliant with standards released by ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation , ensuring security and privacy of the personal information of holders.

Citizens who are under 16 years old or whose fingerprints are missing are exempted from the fingerprint collection process, according the Ministry. The Ministry says that more than 10 million passports were issued countrywide last year. And this figure is expected to rise by 20 per cent this year. Since , more than 90 countries and territories have started issuing e-passports. The group, which produces more than national currencies, stamps, driving licences and cash sorting equipment, printed 6. The firm has won contracts from countries such as South Sudan, which introduced a new currency following independence.

But it stayed tight-lipped on talk that it had drawn up draft plans to print a new Greek currency should Athens quit the euro. A new banknote sorter, which can handle up to 2, notes a minute, drove a 14 per cent rise in revenue in the cash processing gear arm. But lower customer demand led to falling profits and flat revenues at its security product division, which makes holograms for sports tickets and other valuable printed items. The Ministry of External Affairs has sought a fresh security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs for Gemalto, which was selected to supply chips for the pilot project in The MNC was reported to be impementing smart card project in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Home Affairs asked the Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance to obtain a self-disclosure report from Gemalto, detailing its businesses in Pakistan. Gemalto, however, claimed that the company had never participated in any government project in Pakistan. The Gemalto spokesperson said the company did serve governments of over 50 countries with its secure document and e-government solutions. Gemalto was known as Axalto before the latter merged with Gemplus on June 2, As the UBL had pioneered EMV rollout in Pakistan, Axalto had provided the bank with a package that included data preparation, cards supply and personalisation solution.

The Sealys eTravel package included contact-less communications component of the electronic passports made by the India Security Press. The MEA had plans to start issuing e-passports to ordinary citizens in the second phase. Gemalto did not give a specific reply to a query from Deccan Herald on whether the company had submitted the self-disclosure report to the Indian Government.

With big government contracts up for grabs, we take a look at six of the vehicles vying for military money. Right now the United States military is in possession of nearly 18, of them, all of which are set to be replaced by an as-of-yet-to-be-determined successor in Enter the suppliers and contractors who are all vying for a piece of the government pie. And who can blame them? Of course, whenever government contract money is at stake rest assured there are multiple players in line gunning for it.

And with the United States government preparing to dish out billions in contract cash in order to replace the iconic military Humvee, competition is fierce. Given that these hardcore military machines are truly a sight to behold, here is a quick rundown of the six vehicles battling it out. Of course, added armor can quickly pack on the pounds, reducing overall vehicular mobility.

Eagle: A joint effort between General Dynamics Land Systems and AM General, The Eagle may not appear as shiny and bleeding edge as some of its counterparts, but that may just provide it with the advantage it needs to allow the Eagle to soar over the competition. Originally designed to target a gap in the light tactical vehicle market, the Saratoga provides a tactical salvo of components aimed at improved mission effectiveness, including metallic or composite add-on armor, and is capable of withstanding arms fire, mine blasts, and IEDs.

Under the armored hood the Saratoga features a fire-breathing V8 capable of pumping out horsepower and pound-feet of torque. Truck enthusiasts out there will immediately be familiar with the Power Stroke. Previously, the Valanx utilized a Navistar engine in favor of its current mill, but made the switch to the more powerful Ford engine, which is capable of producing an impressive horsepower and pound-feet of torque. And because fuel economy is a growing concern, Oshkosh offers its ProPulse hybrid diesel-electric drive train. According to Oshkosh, the L-ATV features a scalable and advanced crew protection system which can provide dynamic defense capabilities depending on operational and battlefield needs.

The OPD gave a demonstration to local media Wednesday on how and why they use Automated License Plate Recognition, a new technology that provides continuous and high-speed monitoring of traffic areas. The department has had the vehicle for about one year. OPD crime analyst Dave Weloth said the technology can be used in data-mining efforts related to crime scene investigation, criminal travel patterns, hot spots and for other intelligence purposes.

Weloth said that, among other things, the system can immediately alert officers of wanted individuals, assist in stolen vehicle recovery and assist in Amber alerts. Master Officer Tim Shelstead said he has found three stolen vehicles in the past year as a result of having the technology. But the Utah Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said it is concerned with how information associated with the technology is used, stored and protected. A copy of the records request to the OPD shows that the ACLU is seeking information on exactly what type of data is obtained with the technology, who within the OPD can access that data, what procedures those outside of the department must go through to obtain the data and how long data is stored.

Such software still is rare in Iowa but is picking up steam as it becomes more affordable and accessible. The idea is to make parking enforcement more efficient, said Mark Rummel, associate director of Transportation Services. Rather than checking each vehicle in a parking lot or row of meters individually, the software would automatically scan nearby vehicles and sound an alarm if it detects a violation.

Article excerpt

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek said LPR would be ideal for recovering stolen vehicles or catching barred drivers, but it ultimately is too expensive to be worth it. Private vendors must submit their proposals to the city by July 12, and the City Council will need to approve the contract. Rummel said he hopes to have the software up and running by late fall at the earliest.

University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Director Dave Ricketts said that depending on the cost, his department would be interested in using the software as well. Jana Rooker said. Rather than having the officer type license plate numbers into their computers while driving, the software automatically scans plates and sounds an alarm if it detects a warrant or violation, she said. But not everyone is excited at the sound of that. MyKad is a multi-application national electronic identity card, including biometric identification, which will enable the implementation of additional functions such as driver license, health, ATM, e-signature and eGovernment services.

In the past years, Malaysia issued approximately 2 million new identity cards each year. Identity cards are used for many years and are subject to intense wear. This is why they must meet specific high requirements.

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The security certified flash product enables a faster reaction to market changes through short lead times and flexible product usage and offers advantages in logistics, development and throughout the certification process. For identification documents with high demands on security, it offers long lasting security with encrypted Dual CPU-core.

With this technology, data is encrypted along the entire data path during processing. May sound strange nevertheless true. The armoured car business is booming in the drug-hit Mexico, which, after Sunday election, voted back to power the Institutional Revolutionary Party after 12 years. This party had the unique history of ruling Mexico for over 70 long years between and The purchase of armoured car has been necessitated by the fact that the country has lost 55, people in the last six years in drug-related violence.

To keep themselves safe from various drug cartels while travelling many people are opting to buy armoured cars. They consider their vehicles as safe havens. Media reports from Mexico suggests that the sale of armoured cars in the last four years have increased by per cent. A middle-size SUV outfitted with armour is bullet-resistant and can withstand 15 to 20 rounds of bullets fired from a handgun. Enrique Pena Nieto, who finally won the presidential election, had said during the campaign that he wants to focus on curbing violence in the streets and less on catching drug cartel leaders and blocking the flow of drugs into the United States.

The US wants most of the Latin American countries, where the drug mafia rules the roost, to intensify their battle against the drug mafia. Countries like Peru in South America, which saw decline in the drug cartel, has witnessed their re-emergence recently. President-elect year old Enrique Pena Nieto had promised to reinvigorate the economy and reduce rampant drug violence. He will take office in December for a six-year term and thus will restore the party that dominated Mexican politics for most of the past century, at times ruthlessly.

But against he general prediction of a big victory he ended up only 5. Pena Nieto got Having run Mexico as a virtual one-party state for most of the 20th century, the PRI was ousted in an election 12 years ago.

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It finished third place in the presidential election. Not only has he promised to lift economic growth to about six percent a year and create jobs but also draw the heat out of a drug war that has killed more than 55, people since late Xtek has announced that it has completed construction of its first large scale XTclave body armour production plant. According to the company the new plant is capable of manufacturing more than high tech body armour plates per day, and will enable the Australian company to supply defence and law enforcement agencies around the world.

The company has spent the last five years working towards construction of its commercial scale manufacturing plant, after building its initial small prototype plant in XTek says "the ability of this technology to consistently produce advanced technical composites, such as precision, void free, structural carbon fibre reinforced laminates, capable of withstanding extreme thermal loading is significant. Biometrics: The ministry will commence incorporating the biometrics as required in countries abroad from For the present the passports will not have bio-metrics as per international standards," the spokesperson said.

The ministry also held discussions with the employees representatives of RPOs across the country and has reached for an understanding to re-schedule of working hours in view of seven day working day for RPOs to overcome the large quantity of pending applications before the various RPOs. Once we stabilize the pending numbers of passport applications through the exercise we will revert back to five-days a week schedule. We hope that the pending applications can be cleared by July 7 and July 8, the last two days for Passport Mela," the he said. The vast majority of EU countries, as well as numerous states outside of Europe, are now issuing machine-readable ePassports.

The company has also shipped more than 50 million microchip-based inlays used in eIDs in 22 countries. Other notable achievements include providing tens of millions of units for a variety of European ePassports. As a leading high-security ePassport and eID component producer, we are able to provide the complete assembly of these critical components from one source. He initially planned to manufacture 24 vehicles, but ended up with more than in the first year in business. Since then more than 8, vehicles have rolled out of the IAC facilities.

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Although at the beginning the company provided heavy-duty armored vehicles only for security companies and military contractors, the emergence of the civilian armored-vehicle market made IAC focus on conventional vehicles too. IAC offers a lightweight, flexible, bullet-resistant material, which is a blend of synthetic fiber laminates called Armormax, which weighs only 3. But when the Canadian man entered into a multi-million-dollar contract to supply the U. Defense Department with 32 armoured gun trucks to protect VIPs in Iraq, he only delivered seven — and none of them met the bullet- and blast-protecting requirements, according to a federal grand jury indictment handed down this week in Virginia.

Federal prosecutors announced late Thursday that Whyte, 67, president of Ontario-based Armet Armored Vehicles, and his company have been charged with three counts of major fraud against the United States, seven counts of wire fraud and three counts of false, fictitious and fraudulent claims.

Armet, based in King City, Ont. Its government clients include departments in Canada, the U. Officials with Public Works and Government Services Canada said Friday they were searching to see what, if any, contracts the government may have had with Armet. According to the indictment, the U. According to the indictment, the first 24 vehicles were to be delivered by July 31, , but Armet failed to meet the deadline. By October , only four trucks had been delivered.

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By early , the company had delivered a total of seven vehicles, six of which were accepted by the U. There were other problems. The contracts required that the vehicles be bulletproof and that their undercarriages be able to withstand explosions. Armet had promised that the floors of the vehicles could withstand various assaults, including blasts from two U.

M67 anti-personnel grenades. But none of the trucks delivered met the required specifications, according to the indictment. The vehicles were also supposed to be equipped with special tires that could withstand punctures. The first five vehicles did not have such tires.

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A vehicle design was purchased from them with a temporary redirect of the website to capture any potential business as our understanding is that Armet is no longer making armoured vehicles. In November , armed and masked robbers targeted National Armored Ltd.

If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. Read preview Overview. Koppen Edinburgh University Press, Ginsberg; Laura Moss Gottlieb Whitston, Do Critics Make Good Novelists? We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests. Impulse control disorders also share clinical features with behavioral addictions, mood disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Several chapters in the book address what is common among these disorders, as well as incongruent dimensions and associated psychiatric co-morbidity. The information covered in these chapters will inform mental health professionals about many diagnostic challenges and how to resolve them. Grant explores etiology further with a lucid analysis of neurobiological influences on impulse control disorders. He details many recent advances in biochemistry, neuroanatomy, and genetics which offer intriguing theories about possible predisposing factors.

Importantly, he looks at the interplay between biological determinism and social learning experiences. To illustrate, he suggests convincingly that some people who have an impulse control disorder may be more vulnerable to the reinforcing and punishing consequences of their behavior compared to non-afflicted individuals.

  1. Impulse 101: An essay about art, the internet and everything.
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  4. On whole, his focus on integrating psychological theory with neurobiology is first-rate. I was pleased to see a chapter about assessing impulse control disorders. Grant's orientation is that frequently, mental health professionals fail to diagnose the problem or they render an alternative but inaccurate diagnosis. He discusses some of the reasons contributing to diagnostic errors, emphasizing the "phenomenological similarities" between impulse control and other psychiatric disorders.

    To remedy potential diagnostic uncertainty, he advocates that clinicians conduct initial baseline and ongoing assessment through structured interviews, standardized rating scales, symptom monitoring, and self-report. His assessment recommendations are instructive and reflect considerable clinical expertise. Surprisingly, there are few controlled treatment trials for many of the impulse control disorders. Accordingly, Grant includes a chapter that highlights those disorders with the best evidence-based outcomes, namely pathological gambling, hair pulling, compulsive buying, skin picking, intermittent explosive disorder, and kleptomania.

    For each disorder he first reviews the existing pharmacological treatment research, followed by psychological therapy approaches. One of the most valuable parts of the book, found in this chapter, is an easy to read table that summarizes the most rigorous pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy research currently available. I have nothing but high praise for this book! Grant presents a complex topic with precision and remarkable insight. One reason for recommending the book is the empirical base that informs each chapter.