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Part 2 of our Overcoming Anxiety Series welcomes three of my favorite people, and they have a lot of expertise to share about this topic. Keep reading because all three guests have special gifts for Food Heals Nation! This special episode comes from Puerto Rico Mastermind , where Alli met amazing womenpreneurs whose businesses have a positive impact on the world.

If you want to start a podcast and you need the next level of …. In part 2 of our Round Table, we say goodbye to Melissa our amazing PA, check her out at ForkinPlants and hello to the beautiful and super talented …. Who better to have on our healthy travel round table than three queens of the plant-based movement? Whitney Lauritsen is a vegan entrepreneur and coach, on a mission to help conscious brands grow.

Melissa Glazewski is a …. The results can be devastating. Given only a handful of expensive …. Like so many of us, Christina Roulund-Dennis was insecure about her body. Believing she would feel more confident, she saved up and got breast …. Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience to make us wake up to the power of food and take our health into our own hands. Most of us fail at dieting. We all love a good outfit. But fashion is cruel to animals, cruel to people and cruel to the planet.

Especially luxury fashion, which is synonymous with fur, cashmere, leather, angora and silk. Can fashion ever be …. The 5 Languages of Love with Leanne Linksy. What makes a relationship strong? Going to the grocery store, taking out the trash. You can save animals from factory farms. You can shift culture. You can stop rainforests from being chopped down. You can help communities. You can …. Just over a decade ago, doctors believed there were around species of bacteria living on and in the human body.

We now know there are over 30, species. We have a community of …. Could mold be affecting your health? Mold is a tricky thing. New year, new you! We always feel like a makeover is needed in January. So what better way to begin than with style coach Kimberly Seltzer? Imagine being just 26 years old and being told you have stage 3 colon cancer.

Just before Christmas. What began …. Adam Schaeuble is a PHD. It stands for Previous Heavy Dude. But he had good friends who kept giving him the …. Can you reverse diabetes? Conventional science says no. Our favorite plant-based doctor says YES. And this is backed up by science. When Allison hired weight-loss expert David Zappasodi, he told her to stop exercising and go buy a bunch of junk food.

This is a weight-loss strategy …. Health is the cornerstone of prosperity. We normalize aches …. Kris McPeak is a certified life coach, author, blogger, podcast host, founder of the Silver …. Is it possible to eat meat AND be cruelty free? Can we continue eating burgers and still tackle the global climate crisis? A few years ago, the …. Ah, Italy!

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The pizzas, the pastas, the wine, the gelato…. Some are our guardian angels. Some are stuck here. Some are …. Life is more than just about hustle. Finding your tribe. The people with keys that open up parts of yourself you never knew were there. Without community, life is empty. At just 3 years old, she went vegetarian.

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When she was 6 she …. Did you know sugar is the new smoking? Thank you, Food Heals Nation, for spreading the love! The reviews you write mean the world to us. The more reviews we have, the more people we reach and help! First of all, who made aging bad? But we can do it with grace and ease. Between the ads, the movie …. Do you suffer from the More Virus?

Most of us do, to some degree or other. The symptoms? Always wanting more - more stuff, more success, more money, more cars, …. She suffered with terrible cystic acne from 3rd grade. Despite trying every anti-acne product on the market - oral antibiotics, …. Crazy right? With so many different types of yoga, you might not know where to start. The same goes for fitness. Do you go hard and fast, or slow and gentle?

Thai kick-boxing or asana flow? What do relationships and business have in common? Do you ever feel like none of your inner work is getting you anywhere? What if your fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns were not your own, …. We used to consider smoking healthy - everyone smoked, even doctors. It took over 20 years and studies before the first official report against smoking was published. How long will it take before the truth comes ….

Is clutter holding you back? You may think mess is just a nuisance, but the state of your home is a reflection of what is going on inside. Let us take you on our vegan Italian getaway!

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We recorded this very special episode on the Amalfi Coast. Discover our favorite things about Italy, …. Lynne Taggart works with spiritual entrepreneurs, deep diving into the inner work most of us avoid doing, to make their business super successful. Kundalini teacher, spiritual coach, comedian, speaker, all-round entrepreneurial superstar… Danielle Mercurio is a gypsy of all trades, she is living her truth.

It is our responsibility to give our gifts to the world. There comes a point when you hear the …. No surprise really, since we spend much of …. It took a severe health condition to get her to …. Our favorite functional medicine expert, Dr. Stephen Cabral, has spent decades researching all forms of medicine.

He believes they all have a place, and can all be used to bring about health. His mission is to help …. We all want to be fit.

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But who wants to go to a gym ever day? And what if lifting weights actually bulks you up rather than slim you down? With all …. But at what cost? A conventional lipstick might make us pretty for the day, but the buildup of toxic ingredients can …. Asher Brown stopped eating meat when he was just 9 years old. He realized if could ask what the cow might want, it would not want to be eaten.

When it comes to health, golden girl of the wellness world Candice Kumai knows her stuff! A classically trained chef, model, journalist, TV host and …. Motivated by the deep desire to stop simply …. Nearly 60 percent of women aged 18 to 35 have experienced abuse in their relationships and 24 percent of women in abusive relationships have not told …. What are you telling yourself day in, day out?

Your thoughts shape your reality, and most of us think critical, negative, painful thoughts on a …. She gained expert understanding of what makes skin glow thanks to her 8 years as a cosmetic …. The loss of a child is one of the most unimaginable experiences a parent can go through. Three and a …. She was told her life would change forever: surgery, chemo, …. If the water we drink is toxic, of course our health suffers!

The average tap water contains a cocktail of chemicals: pesticides, plastics, chlorine and fluoride, to name but a few. Food is fundamental to health—it is the primary thing that makes us sick or well. While most …. There are over 77, manmade chemicals in the environment right now. The average woman wears cancer causing chemicals, just from cosmetics. Cows, pigs, and hens are sentient beings, just as intelligent as we are.

They feel loss, love, pain, shame, fear, and solidarity. They want to be …. Sage and AnnaBlanca, the gorgeous chocolatiers behind Addictive Wellness, are back to tell us all about their new elixir blends that supercharge your …. Imagine a world where instead of 1. During her childhood, Katie was an athlete, exercising up to 6 hours a day and eating whatever she wanted. However, once she …. But it can also be a stressful time for many.

The holidays can …. Every second, animals are killed for food. These animals are the ghosts of our food machine. Tortured, exploited, abused and murdered, farm animals are voiceless and unable to defend themselves which is why we need …. Welcome to our special Halloween episode! Turn your passion into your career! Welcome to Episode 3 of our 4-part Wellness Warrior series! This week, our plant-powered team includes How to Live to host Jason Wrobel, vegan ….

Welcome to the second episode of our Wellness Warrior series! Nicole Derseweh, …. Welcome to the first part of our brand new 4-part Wellness Warrior Series! And it starts just like any great day should: with a magical morning …. Before we get to the questions, we want to share our favorite tips for becoming healthier, happier, AND hotter. Listen now [bitly]!

Kathy Patalsky was inspired by her love of animals and her struggles with an eating disorder to start the vegan food blog HealthyHappyLife …. Are you addicted? Addiction is simply a movement away from feeling something. Discover the secrets to using water to heal, a fitness regime that burns hundreds of calories in ten minutes, which oil is a more powerful ….

Whitney Lauritsen is an online content creator, social media specialist and healthy living crusader.

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She dedicates her time and energies to spreading awareness about how to develop a lifestyle in harmony with the body …. Frozen Fruit Co is all about soft serve fruit. They both suffer from a massive sweet tooth, but at the same time are conscious about what they …. From very young, she had the ability to see things differently and reach out to the spirit world.

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At just 27 years old, Isabelle Shuman received a diagnosis that changed her life forever: Multiple Sclerosis. She was told to get ready for a …. But for various political …. Tara grew up in an alcoholic household and was the victim of incest. If you are, then listen up: You CAN heal yourself. We live in a strange distorted time. A time of Instagram filters, airbrushing and plastic surgery. Remember that embarrassing incident in high …. Childhood sexual trauma is a taboo topic that is rarely discussed openly.

And there was no commitment to walk any certain distance. It was time to reevaluate the situation, which I did, and wrote about redesigning the 64 Marathon idea. My new goal became 64, steps per day for 64 days. August 20th became the new starting date. Thus far I have completed five days of 64k steps per day, and I have been posting the screen shots on my Facebook page everyday. Please do give whatever you can. Share in the comments what would be something that is out of your current comfort zone, and what you can do to expand it.

My intention from the very beginning was, and still is, to walk the distance of a Marathon for 64 consecutive days. I added the road trip to the mix to make it more interesting and exciting. Within the first couple of days I realized that the Then, I could stop anytime during the day regardless of mileage covered. Not so this time. This time there is the possibility of walking at night in a strange area, on the road without a shoulder. It is a challenge of safety, not of ability.

It is a challenge I had not foreseen during planning stages. So, I am redesigning the adventure. At my height and pace, one mile equals steps or 62, steps for I am upping my game, and keeping it in line with the 64 theme, I will be walking 64, step per day for 64 days. The other change I am making is to stay within Houston Metro area. Staying within the metro area offers the added benefit of lighted roads. Where there is will, there is a way. The intention is still to make it in 64 consecutive days, but I am staying flexible and open to the possibility of an occasional rest day.

I am calling today a test run to see how it goes. If I make it, then it will count. The first day started off with a bang. I covered the first five miles in first 90 minutes, a little over three miles an hour, as planned and anticipated. After a break at Chick Fil A for a little breakfast and about half a gallon of fresh squeezed lemonade, I headed out and had a flat as a shard of glass from the side of the road penetrated the tire. I patched up the inner tube, but it did not hold.

By the time I replaced it at the nearest Wal-Mart and was ready to go, I was more than two hours — or about six miles- behind schedule. At the end of the day, I had my friend Christie Going, who was hosting me for the night pick me up as it was getting close to dark, and I still had another five miles to go. By the time I took a shower to freshen up and updated friends and family who were concerned and got ready to go to bed, it was midnight. I promptly fell asleep. I was up just before 6 AM.

I was on the road by and within 30 minute encountered what was inevitable but unexpected, an uphill trek. I was barely averaging two miles an hour. I knew I had to make adjustments if I wanted to make this adventure a success. I changed my end point for the day to a place which I was more familiar with and some place where I can finish any left over miles.

I asked a friend to take me home. It was time for an evaluation and reassessment, and rest. I had decided to take today as a rest day as I reassessed the situation. I have some ideas where, as we say back home, the snake is dead without breaking the staff. I shall share them with you later on, but first, I must get a few miles in to keep the legs in needed form. Okay, so it has been more than three months since I published my last post. I want to focus on telling you about the direction this blog is headed, as soon as I figure it out. Joking aside, in my last post I talked about Celebrating the 64 years of my life by going on a day walk across multiple states.

That time is nearing, and I am getting ready to start the journey soon. August 14th is when I will be leaving from Houston, heading north towards Alva, Oklahoma. During my cross-country walk on Route 66 , I learned the value of using the power of inspiration to be of service to others. It is an organization that is helping the children of poor people of diverse backgrounds in the neighborhood that Byron grew up. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is a fundamental principle of service in Islam. This time, I am partnering with the Aga Khan Foundation, USA, to raise funds and bring awareness to the efforts of the foundation in alleviating global poverty with a focus on Asia and Africa.

One of my favorite songs in my younger days was from the Sergeant Peppers album by the Beatles. I met David a couple of years ago in Chicago, where I began my cross-country walk along the historic Route He was riding from Santa Monica to Chicago and was scheduled to arrive there at about the same time that I was planning to begin my journey. He was very encouraging and helpful throughout my odyssey. David has been riding cross-country on his bike every summer, for several years now. Every year, he chronicles his rides for the Salisbury Post on a daily basis.

Then he writes a book about it once he finishes his journey. I received some great suggestions from my Facebook friends to consider as part of my Year of Adventures.

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David happened to be on Route 64 as he was jogging across North Carolina. However, last night I was inspired to undertake a different adventure. A part of that Journey will be along US Highway As I was looking at the map of Route 64, I realized that it passes through Alva Oklahoma, the small town where I went to college when I first arrived in the United States in Then I did a little calculation and realized that 64, steps for me woukd be about 27 miles.

So the first item on my agenda is to find sponsors for my walk. Maybe 64 sponsors, one for each day. If you own a business or know anyone who does, I would like to offer you the opportunity to be a sponsor. What about you? I challenge you to do something that will stretch your comfort zone. If you are serious about creating your Freedom Lifestyle, then blogging may be just the first step, and you should consider it seriously.

Blogging and Freedom Lifestyle go hand in hand. Blogging is something that I started way back when with the Blogger platform. Then I discovered WordPress. It was easier than Blogger and more fun. I started blogging because I was still living at home and dreaming of becoming a nomad and I started a blog called PresentDayNomads. I blogged on that website for about five years before I lost interest in it.

Then a couple of years later I started another blog under RasheedHooda. Essentially, both of my blogs had the undertones of creating a Freedom Lifestyle. Also, while I was running the RasheedHooda. In when I walked the Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica , I blogged on the Patreon platform, which is designed for artists to get paid for sharing their art.

Every day during my six months long journey, I blogged on Patreon and it was accessible via a website that I had set up just for the purpose of making it easier to access for the fans of Walking Route The last couple of times that I blogged, I intended to create a following and hopefully make some money with it. When I did not make any money, I lost interest in it even though I had built a small following. That was in line with what I have done most of the time in my life. I will begin something, get discouraged, then abandon it. It has enabled me to travel across the country. It has given me the opportunity to meet many people and make new friends.

It also encouraged me to take my walk across Route 66 because I knew that no matter where I was I would be able to support myself financially by twisting balloons. For one thing, I have never given up on the idea of creating Freedom lifestyle. And for the most part, I have been able to maintain a minimal Freedom lifestyle. But it has not been by any stretch of the imagination the kind of Freedom Lifestyle that I want to enjoy.

In other words, I had settled for less. Recently, I attended a business seminar about defining and developing a business plan, and that was an eye-opener. I realized that while I was working under the assumption that I had a created a Freedom Lifestyle; I did not, in fact, have a business that would support that lifestyle. A couple of days after I had attended that seminar, I received an email from Anna Faustino of Adventureinyou. I had begun following Anna and Tom a couple of years ago when they started their blogs. They were teaching people who were interested in how to create a blog and make money with it since they had done it themselves.

I know people who started blogging about the same time I did back in , who have turned it into an income-generating business that is enabling them to live their Freedom lifestyles. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is this. When you find someone who has done what you want to do, and if they are willing to help, you jump at it. So I did. I took their course and studied it. I have much to learn and put into practice, but I have a plan and a direction.

As often happens in life, when you take the first step, the next one shows up. A friend of mine introduced me to his sister-in-law who is among the leaders of blogging community of Houston. Through her, I got an opportunity to attend a full-day live workshop on growing your blog. Do you want to create a Freedom Lifestyle?

Have you been thinking about starting a blog? Are more and more people saying that you have that special something? Is feeling you are living a beautiful life becoming a daily treasured and familiar experience? Photographer - Paul Farnham Quintessential Magazine. I love to share my skills, experience, tips and attitudes with you through the following Get Daphne News. Get the book. Online modelling course The Daphne Selfe Academy. Learn to be a model.